Thank you for finding your Way to Light And Love Angels!

Light And Love Angels is All about bringing you Messages from the Archangels.

This site has been created as a place for the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, and Metatron to be heard and express themselves. The Archangels’ exact words are transcribed as they are heard. 

These Messages will help you awaken to the knowledge you hold within your Self. 

They are meant for serious study if you wish to see the depth and nuances they offer, while also allowing for simple pleasure and ease of insight.

The Messages from the Archangels are nondenominational and can be used by All individuals, religions, philosophies, belief systems, and groups of people. 

They are meant for All of us and can help us unite in an understanding of Love for Self and All beings.  They speak to the individual Self which can be found within All.

If the Messages resonate with you, please continue to read them, love them, and be inspired by them! But if not, please move on to what does resonate with you.

We are All unique individuals with unique paths. Judging one another as right or wrong, different, better or worse is not the answer. Opening our Selves to All possibilities and acceptance of All, is the answer. 

A clear Message throughout, is how important it is to go within your Self to find your answers and Way of life.  Rather than let your upbringing and surroundings dictate life for you.  

You have to be able to take care of your Self, heal your Self, before trying to do this for others.  Your inner intuition is where to find your truths.  The truths for your individual Self.  When you do this, your life becomes more balanced, things fall into place as they are meant to be, and the uniting in “an understanding and Love for Self and All beings” becomes simple and the natural Way you live your life. 

This does not mean your “life lessons” simply disappear, but learning how to heal in order to better handle your Self in All situations can be life changing.  And lead you to be the person who can “help” the outside world by helping your Self.

We are All here on this journey together.  All deserving to live our purpose and Way. Not one greater or lesser than another.  We are All equal when it comes to creating our individual Universe in which we desire to live.  

So get out there, do your best, try not to step on anyone else’s toes. 

Or judge and get angry if anyone unknowingly steps on your toes.  

Try to find a Way to respond with Love. And have fun!

With Love,

Light And Love Angels